Car Park Systems

We offer a range of coating systems specifically designed to enhance, protect and waterproof car park structures. These systems are solvent free resistant to diesel and petrol fuel and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Existing car park building and new build projects can be transferred into a safe, pleasant and welcoming car park. Whether the car park is underground or over ground (intermediate decks), car park coatings have proven to reduce noise and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Our systems are suitable for multi-storey Top Decks, Intermediate decks and underground structures. We install a range of crack bridging and non-crack bridging waterproof membranes with a high level of mechanical resistance. We have wear resistant systems for ramp areas and turning circles where high levels of abrasion are encountered. For walls and soffits we apply a range of anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti coatings that can be easily cleaned and maintained. We also install demarcation lines and signage which helps to regulate traffic movement.


Laying Car Park Membrane Demonstration Video



Killkenny car park

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