Surface Preparation

Diamond Floor Grinding

Is the process of preparation by diamond tungsten bonded discs or plates which are secured to singular or multiple headed machines that rotate in a circular manner. Can be carried out in wet and dry conditions.  In dry conditions the floor grinding machines are attached to industrial vacuums.


Leveling of uneven surfaces.

Smoothes and cleans concrete, providing an excellent profile for thin coatings.

Grinding of painted floors.

Re-profiling of old concrete and rain damaged floors.

 3-Phase Diamond Grinder

Shot Blasting

Is the process of blasting a concrete surface with steel shot (small steel balls) at a high velocity using self propelled fully enclosed dust free machines.


Cleans and profiles concrete simultaneously.

Removal of old thin coatings.

Laitance removal on new concrete floors.

Creates great adhesion for a wide range of surface finishes.

Vacuum Blasting Machine Demonstration Video

Planning And Scabbling

Is a dust free process of preparation by frails (often tungsten Carbide Tipped) attached to a drum which rotates at high speed within the body of the machine.  The profile texture is created by the frails.


Heavy duty concrete reduction.

Removal of old coatings and high build coatings.

Concrete texturing, grooving and laitance removal.